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Music record labels are a brand and a company that markets music and music videos to music fans around the world. It is the music record labels job to produce, manufacture, distribute market, promote and make sure that other labels or music distributors or promoters don’t infringe or sell their copy written music material including music recordings, videos and performances without getting consent from the music record labels. If another label wants to use material owned by another music record label & music managers then they must pay the label royalties for sales and performances that generate revenue. It is not unlikely for music record labels to license out their music for compilations distributed by other music labels. A music record label also scouts for talent and develops new artists. It is the A&R department’s job to sign and work directly with recording artists and their music managers. The term music record label refers to the imprint of the company that owns and markets the music recordings that they produce. Music record labels & music managers are usually owned and operated under a corporate umbrella called a music group. Most major record labels and large music groups include record manufacturers, distributors, music publishing companies and music managers. There are four music groups that control around 80% of the United States music market. A music or record group is considered a conglomerate made up of companies that are marketed as a separate division of the music or record group. We have spent hundreds of hours compiling a list of music industry professionals; you can use our list to A&R Contacts.

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The Big Four music record labels/major music record labels contribute to the majority of records sold worldwide, making up for about 75% of the music industry market share. It is much harder to contact A&R reps & music managers that work for the big four major record labels. Artists that get signed to one of the Big Four music record labels are usually signed directly to the music label or signed to a music record label under its umbrella. For example, a band may be signed to Universal records, or they may be signed to one of the music record labels under universal. These are called subsidiary labels which sign their own acts and make their own financial decisions and usually have control over the production of the records produced under that label. They are still under the main music major record labels control, which makes decisions as far as the overall budget and controls how much funding the music record label & music managers has and how many people that they employ.

The Big Four major music record labels are:

The overall structure of the big four major music labels can be complicated and is quite different from music label to label. The Big Four music labels & top music managers are corporations that have many smaller companies under their umbrella. These four music record labels not only have record labels under their umbrella but often have their own distribution companies that offer their services to indie labels. This is called a distribution deal where the major music record label distributes the indie record releases along with their own records. The big four music labels have control over what records the indie label releases and some control over how the independent music label does business.

I’m going to explain exactly how records are made and distributed. First it is the A&R person’s responsibility to scout and sign artists to a recording contract. An A&R is the person a music record label hires to work with the artists that they sign. Once the artist is done recording songs, they must hand them over to the music label & music managers. These songs are then turned into an actual record. The music record labels have your music manufactured and ships it off to a distributor. The distributor then distributes your record to stores while your record label prepares for their marketing and promotion campaign. Major record labels & music managers have more in-house staff than independent record labels, which handle marketing promotion, sales, production, business, etc.

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Music Distributors Directory

If you are already getting radio play, building a local fanbase or generating a local following you may want to consider getting a distribution deal. A distribution company can distribute your CDs regionally & music managers. It is important to have your music in stores as well as in online music stores. This directory includes hundreds of retail and internet distributers. We see more artists appearing on the music scene, producing their own albums, owning the rights to their songs and marketing their own music. These are the artists and producers that have an advantage when getting connected with one of the hundred musicdistribution companies in our directory. Contains hundreds of Distribution contacts!

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Music Supervisors Directory

Get your music to music supervisors and get your music in TV and film projects. There is a huge expanding opportunity for singer songwriters/ rappers, music producers and musicians to make money putting their own music into TV and Film projects. Getting connected with music supervisors and music directors are a great way to generate a lot of income from your music. List contains hundreds of legitimate music supervisors including their complete contact information.

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Music Agents

Music agents are also known as music booking agents or talent agents, Music agents are responsible for making the live music scene what it is. Your music agent can get you or your band booked to play live shows & music managers. It is a booking agents job to make sure you are playing in front of a live audience and get you or your band more exposure. Music Agents work with music promoters and record labels to effectively promote your music. It is your Music Agents responsibility to take care of your negotiations with venues and promoters. If you are looking to promote your music the good old fashion way, these contacts will definately come in handy.

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